Farm alarm system – what will work best?

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The choice of farm alarm systems is not one of the easiest decisions. This primarily involves the selection of technology that can cope with harsh environmental conditions. What should you decide on? What will work best? Find the answers to these questions in our article!

Challenges of choosing the right system

The security of a farm has always been associated with difficulties not found anywhere else. We are talking about a large area, a practically unlimited number of access points to the farm, as well as general isolation – which is sometimes associated with problems in gaining access to the network or electricity. 

The aforementioned circumstances pose a major problem in terms of choosing the right alarm system. They also make it easy for thieves to steal valuable equipment and materials, especially when professionals are involved. However, there are systems and technologies that can help combat criminals, or other threats to the smooth operation of a farm.

Wireless security systems – a solution to problems

Technological development in the alarm systems industry is not slowing down, which is conducive to finding effective solutions in the context of farm security. Such an option is wireless security systems, which are able to alert the owner to unwanted or suspicious activity. This makes effective farm monitoring a much more reasonable solution.

Some of the most effective security systems that will work best on a farm include:

  • CCTV monitoring;
  • burglar alarms;
  • access control systems;
  • fire alarms.

General principles of farm security

In addition to installing the aforementioned security systems, other steps can be taken to protect the farm. You should make sure that all building doors and windows are locked with anti-snap locks. You also need to install fences and gates around the perimeter of the farm and make sure they are properly maintained.

You should also store valuable items such as, for example, farm tractors, equipment or crops in locked rooms. Additional warning signs can also be placed to indicate that the farm is under constant surveillance. It is also a good idea to establish a general ban on smoking on the farm, and to regularly maintain electrical wiring. Any suspicious activity must be reported directly to the police.

What else can be done to ensure safety?

A good solution would be to select a tailored insurance policy. As a standard, packages allow you to be compensated for risks such as fire, flood, hurricane, flood, lightning strike, explosion, or other random events. It’s a big safety net, and costs relatively little. The standard fee for a farm policy is 362 zlotys.

Is it worth investing in security systems?

Definitely yes. With them, you can ensure the protection of valuable equipment, animals, as well as crops harvested with hard work. That’s why it’s worthwhile to use such solutions as CCTV monitoring, burglar and fire alarms or access control systems. On top of that, you can add good insurance.

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