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How do you protect your home from a gas explosion?

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How do you protect your home from a gas explosion?

If you have a gas system in your home or apartment, it is essential to know how to properly protect against a gas explosion. Find out what the causes may be and how to protect yourself and your property from such an explosion.

If you have a gas system in your home, it is important to know how to properly protect yourself from a gas explosion and its potential consequences. Learn the exact causes of an explosion and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

The most common causes of a gas explosion in the home

The cause of a gas explosion is most often a leaking gas system or malfunctioning gas appliances. The gradually escaping gas mixes with air, which creates a truly explosive mixture – all it takes is a spark, flame or even increased temperature for an explosion to occur. A gas explosion is therefore nothing more than the rapid combustion of a chemical compound under the influence of oxygen, accompanied by a sudden increase in temperature and pressure.

And what can be the cause of a gas system seal? Very often it is natural factors such as traffic, building settlement or gentle tectonic shocks. But the biggest threat is undoubtedly the old installation made of steel pipes, which are prone to corrosion.

How to protect yourself from a gas explosion?

So how to protect yourself and your home from a gas explosion? First of all, it is worth to regularly check and control the condition of the gas installation. It is important to do it at least once a year to make sure that there is no seal. Remember also that the check of the installation should be done by a person with appropriate qualifications, using special measuring devices.

It is also very important to properly ventilate rooms. Do not, under any circumstances, cover the ventilation holes, because they are the ones which enable the outflow of gas from the room, if it happens to leak. It is also worth investing in a gas detector or sensor. Such a device can be very useful because it will emit a sound signal if the concentration of gas in the air is too high. You can choose from models that work both independently and in cooperation with your home alarm system.

What else should you keep in mind? First of all, never modify the gas installation yourself. Any works should be carried out only by people with appropriate qualifications. Remember also to use only efficient elements of gas installation such as stoves or heaters. Each of them should meet specific standards and have all the necessary approvals. Also remember to use all these devices in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer

Insure your home

You should also think about insuring your apartment against accidents, such as a gas explosion. Thanks to such insurance you can financially secure your apartment, house, house under construction or reconstruction together with all its equipment and accessories, such as loft, cellar or garage. So if an explosion or other fortuitous event occurs, or caused by the actions of third parties, the insurer will cover all losses.

Main photo: Ilse Driessen/unsplash.com

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