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Where and how to install a smoke and gas detector?

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Where and how to install a smoke and gas detector?

Smoke and gas detectors should be installed in the right place to work properly. We explain how to install these devices.

Smoke and gas detectors are among those inconspicuous devices that can save our lives. However, it is not enough just to buy the right model to feel safe in your home – you still need to install it properly.

Each of us would like to treat our home as a safe haven, where nothing can happen to us. However, within our beloved four walls there can be many potential hazards, such as escaping carbon monoxide or gas, short circuits, malfunctioning stoves, gas stoves, fireplaces or gas water heaters (i.e. junkers), and even a burnt dinner

So it is worth investing in devices that will help protect our health and life. What is important, when buying a detector we should check if the model we choose has appropriate certificates issued by European institutions.

Gas and smoke detectors are not expensive equipment and their effectiveness depends on proper installation. Where to install them to make them work properly and ensure our safety? We suggest.

Where to install a smoke detector?

Smoke detector works constantly, monitoring the state of air in the apartment. In case of danger it signals the danger with a loud alarm. You can find many types of detectors on the market, they differ in construction and functions. If you choose a detector powered by batteries, you should remember to check and replace them regularly so that the device always works properly.

Read the manual before installing the detector. Since smoke rises upwards, it is best to mount the smoke detector vertically at the highest point in the room, i.e. on the ceiling, right in the middle. It is recommended that smoke detectors be placed in all rooms except the bathroom as water vapor may interfere with the detector and cause false alarms.

The devices should not be mounted in airy places and outdoors, as well as near windows, fans, air conditioners, stoves and heaters. After installing the detector do not forget to check its condition and make sure that the sound of the alarm is sufficiently audible.

Where to install the gas detector?

A gas sensor should be in every house to which gas is supplied. Such devices alarm about the danger already at 15% concentration of gas. Although gas has a specific smell, which is easy to smell and recognize, you should not underestimate the potential danger, because the gas can start to escape when we sleep.

Gas detectors are best mounted at the head height of a standing adult. It is important that this place is inaccessible for children. The device should be placed near the equipment where combustion occurs, i.e. gas stove, stove or fireplace, but not too close to them so that the fumes do not damage the sensor. The detector should not be installed near windows or ventilation grilles because the flowing air interferes with the measurements and in places that are exposed to sunlight. In addition, smoke detectors should not be covered by furniture or other objects or placed in the so-called dead zone, that is, in the corners of the room or under cabinets.

Main photo: Brian Wangenheim/unsplash.com

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